Enrolling in a speech and debate course will give your child an edge over his peers, and sharpens his language skills. If your child prefers a career as a research biologist or wants to become a journalist, they would need simple and concise language skills to help them step up the ladder of their careers. 

Speech and debate courses provide a range of advantages, including enhanced critical reasoning skills, analysis methods, and oral and written communication skills. During these lessons, students are asked to explore the world around them, giving them a different perspective to absorb new knowledge and to find out how to articulately for or against a specific point.

Improve Vocabulary and Fluency

Speech and debate put more emphasis on vocabulary and fluency. It helps students be very clear and concise about articulating their thoughts and arguments. Students also learn to speak and write in a persuasive way. They also develop strong oral and communication skills which will benefit them in the long run. Being able to understand and follow instructions at an early age would create self-awareness, inculcate confidence, be fair, and keep up an open mind.

Improve Research Skills 

Building research skills during high school is vital for preparing students for life later in college and work. In speech and debate for highschool students are assigned different topics. They need to do in-depth research to prepare their arguments for or against a certain stance they take. Research skills can also be useful to students in their chosen careers in the future.

Improve Public Speaking 

Speech and debate training can help the child speak plainly and positively, highlight certain aspects of their speech, stop using filler phrases, and engage the listener with what they say. Often speech and debate highschool students often teach children how to regulate their voices. These public speaking skills are important for catching the interest of the audience without boring or unintentionally overwhelming them.

Increase Self-Esteem

Public speaking can be intimidating to most people, regardless of their age. Practicing public speaking skills at an early age will help your child get over their nerves and deliver their knowledge in a relaxed and positive way. If they’re reciting a speech in front of their class or an auditorium full of spectators, they can do it easily due to the experience they’ve been able to do during their speech and debate lessons.

Garner Leadership Skills

Confidence is an important trait that a student needs to be successful in public speaking. Speaking on stage in front of a huge audience can be an intimidating experience. Speech and debate classes help the student get over stage fright and become more confident. This is not easy. But with proper training, they can develop confidence and leadership skills that will be useful when they go out in the world later. 

Do you want to hear more about the benefits of speech and debate? Contact the Cogito Debate team today for more information on speech and debate for middle school students.

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