The pandemic has forced schools and colleges across the globe to shut their doors and go virtual. All classes, exams are being conducted on either Zoom or Google Meet. The summer break is fast approaching and parents are wondering how to keep the children occupied through the vacation.  Speech and debate courses are a good option. These speech and debate for middle school students help your child gain confidence, improve his language skills, communication skill, and critical thinking. Speech and debate classes offer long-term benefits, both during their college admissions and as they move up in their career. Let’s check out some of the benefits these classes can offer:

Critical Thinking

The course improves your child’s ability to think rationally and clearly. They will be able to question and not accept ideas, arguments, and findings at face value.  They will be able to identify, analyze and solve problems in a consistent and systematic way. Debate sessions help students to think rationally and convey their point across to the opponent, and argue in favor or against it. At times they need to think on their feet to come with counterarguments or theory proving their point.

Communication Skills

Most people have huge stage fright. Speaking in public is not something everyone can do. Speech and debate classes help children to get over their stage fear and improve their communication skills. They learn to speak slowly, using the clear expression, and become more confident with regular practice.


Teamwork is a lesson that your child will learn in the speech and debate highschool students. They learn to work together, facilitating student interaction, accountability, group skills, and interdependence. Learning to work as a team is an important skill that will benefit your child for the rest of their life.

A Diverse Perspective

A lot of diverse topics are covered in debate classes. These topics involve a lot of research. Students will need to consider the multiple viewpoints surrounding them. They may or may not agree with the arguments; still, they will understand different perspectives on a situation. This will help them come up with possible, contradicting possibilities that may come up in the debate.


The students immensely benefit from speech and debate classes, which can last a lifetime. Whether it is improving their writing skills or communication skills, speech and debate classes will help your child grow. In case you want more information about speech and debate training program for kids near you, contact the Cogito Debate team today.


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