Debate Classes – Helping Students Find Their Voice and Master Debate

Cogito Debate, located in Irvine, California, is accredited by WASC.

We aren’t just another speech and debate school for kids and teens. We’re a community of thinkers, speakers, and leaders-in-the-making, passionately committed to nurturing the brilliance within each and every student.

At Cogito Debate, We Sculpt Independent Thinkers, Fortify Speakers, and Empower Leaders

We offer comprehensive debate training for students that goes beyond teaching public speaking, parliamentary debate, and the art of rhetoric. Our debate classes for kids are meticulously tailored for elementary, middle, and high school students. Designed to do more than just win trophies, our courses ignite minds, embolden voices, and inspire confidence.

Whether you’re looking for an enriching experience in our debate summer camps or an online debate class for middle school, Cogito Debate is committed to sculpting independent thinkers, fortifying speakers, and empowering leaders.


Our Speech & Debate Coaches Aren’t Just Instructors, but Confidants

At Cogito Debate, your student won’t just learn from coaches – they’ll be mentored by them. Imagine being guided by seasoned veterans of the debate arena, whose wisdom and guidance will illuminate the path to greatness. With Cogito coaches by their side, your child will not only refine their communication skills. But also unlock their full potential as thinkers, speakers, and leaders.

Our commitment to safety, expertise, and mentorship ensures that every student is supported in a secure and nurturing environment, paving the way for their success in debate classes and beyond.

Meet Our Debate Administrators

As a registered heritage school with the Department of Education, Cogito Debate holds the safety and well-being of our students in the highest regard.

That’s why our administrative team members undergo live scanning and mandated reporter training, ensuring that every interaction, every transaction, takes place in a secure and protected environment.

Ready to Join Cogito Debate?

Inspiring Confidence & Mastery in Students with Debate Classes, Camps & Training

Join us at Cogito Debate – where every argument is a journey, every speech a revelation, and every student a shining testament to the power of thought. Together, let’s embark on a voyage of discovery, one persuasive word at a time. After all, as Descartes famously declared, “Cogito ergo sum” – I think, therefore I am. And at Cogito Debate, we’re here to help you become everything you dare to dream.