Debate is an Interesting and dynamic activity. It will not only aid in academic development but in overall aspects. We at Cogito take pride in having helped thousands of children to excel in debate skills. 

 Debate is a rewarding experience for students in many ways. Though it is very challenging, it helps students learn many aspects of effective communication. Clear speech, active listening skills, and Interpretation skills are some of them. Read on to know more about the advantages and how Cogito will help students excel in debate skills. 

  • Debate competitions help students to write persuasive speeches about controversial topics. 
  • It helps them learn the art of influencing people to listen and agree with them. 
  • Debates give students opportunities to practice speaking before large audiences, which prepares them for college or career success.
  • Debate skill helps students indulge in research, gather facts, understand qualitative and quantitative data aspects, and prepare what needs for presentation.
  • It helps them become confident. 
  • It helps them improve their listening skills. 
  • It helps them focus on overall disciplines of communication. 
  • Students who participate in debates gain valuable leadership skills and become better leaders.

Speech and debate high school students’ course help students acquire the skills required to win debate competitions. It is mastering the skill to think about what you want to say, how you want to say it, and to whom you want to say it. Our course curriculum focuses on these vital factors that include but are not limited to critical thinking skills, Improved articulation, resolving conflicts, controlling emotions, finding meaning in complex situations, and conveying greater empathy.

The best debaters usually use humor, facts, and logic to convince listeners. Hence, it is not only about facts and opinions. It is also about how confident and determined you are and your unique way of representation.

It takes practice, patience, and hard work to achieve the excellence of debate. We emphasize that learning effective communication is a crucial skill for every student. Our speech and debate for middle school students program focus on developing these skills through engaging activities such as speaking competitions, debates, mock trials, and role plays. These activities and exercises will help Students focus on improvement areas and strengths.

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