Speech and Debate Highschool Students – What Are The Program Offerings From Our Parliamentary Debate Class?

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Aug 19, 2022 | Blog


Children love speaking. And if they don’t, fuel it with confidence and help them develop interest. That is what the cogito debate aims at. We make children develop the art of speaking and express their thoughts and views by making them confident and knowledgeable. We have various debate and speech programs that focus on essential speech skills. 

Our primary focus relies on students and their capability to understand the course curriculum. Keeping that in mind, we have a parliamentary debate course curated exclusively under speech and debate for middle school students to understand the essence of political speech. Politics is always interesting. Especially how opponents’ parties develop different opinions and their firm stand on their opinion at the global level. 

The parliamentary Debate has a rich history and is one of the popular formats chosen for competitive Debate. The topics are challenging and focus on current activities. By doing so, kids are aware of what is happening around them and help develop and stand by their opinion when they become responsible voters.

The program consists of 2 teams with three debate members on each side. One Team affirms the debate resolution, the other negates it by making it a perfect setting for a parliamentary debate. Throughout the course program, students are taught the essence of debate skills such as patience, Calm, confidence, using debate jargon, proper body language, posture, speaking loud and clear, keeping the topic as the prime focus, etc. 

We also facilitate tournament opportunities for students to get exposure to a new environment during the course. The topics we allot for kids have these three elements to make it a good debate topic. 

  • Curiosity: Unless the topic is interesting, we understand students may not be motivated to research or prepare themselves. An interesting debate topic is essential to make debaters and listeners enjoy the session.
  • Scope For Disagreement: Debate being a formal argument between 2 teams, the topic must have potential space to carry out Arguments. 
  • Scope For Research: Kids love giving their best. Hence, we choose topics with empirical data to make a debate session more dynamic and conclusive. 

Visit our center today to know what more we have in store for your kids – a speech and debate training program for kids.

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