Children love exploring new things. They are more energetic, quick, and Smart. They are constantly looking out for something Interesting and engaging to dwell on. It could be gadgets, books, arts, crafts, sports, horse riding, golfing, etc. Parents need to channel their interest and energy into something beneficial and a hobby that helps them enhance their overall personalities. Debating is an Interesting activity that helps kids develop communication aspects and a strong Personality. 

Many debate schools are presenting their courses today. Hence finding the right one for your child can be a challenge. We at Cogito Debate help children cultivate good communication skills with our unique learning methodology. Speech and debate for middle school students course intent on challenging your child and helping them grow as a debater. 

Consider your child’s needs and goals when choosing a debate school. Some schools specialize in a specific type of debating, such as policy debating. Others may have a more general approach. Your child’s interests and learning style should help you choose the appropriate kind of debate style. 

Our speech and debate classes offer many high school debate camps and programs. These programs help students improve their debating skills and learn how to muster a coherent argument. Students learn valuable skills in speech and debate training programs for kids. They will learn how to voice their opinions, present evidence, and construct an argument that can stand up to scrutiny. Cogito Debate sends its students to highly esteemed tournaments every semester, including the Intermediate Parliamentary Debate, Intermediate Lincoln Douglas Debate, Middle School Parliamentary Debate Club, High School Parliamentary Debate Club, and Lincoln Douglas Debate Club.

Cogito Debate also hosts its Intramural Tournament open to all Cogito students once a semester, in the Fall and the Spring of every year. This tournament allows students to showcase their debating skills and learn competing spirits. Experienced and Professional debate coaches lead these camps. 

Speech and debate classes emphasize understanding concepts more than just memorizing them. We encourage kids to think by themselves about a topic or issue while providing them with all teaching they would require to reach this stage. 

Admissions are open. Connect us to get your kid enrolled and get the best of debate skills. 

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