We often understand debating is equal to arguing over a fact or an issue. However, there is a difference between debate and argument. 

Debate is a form of communication in which there will be two or more parties express their understanding or views on a topic. It is a formalized conversation where they will wait for their turn to speak or correct the other person or party. There can be interruptions when the debating is intensive. But, that can lead to negative scoring from the judges. In debate, the participants choose a topic, prepare, research, then demonstrate. Debating has an audience. In debating, parties are not allowed to divert from the assigned issue. They have to stick to the topic throughout the debate discussion. Speech and debate high school students focus on all the crucial aspects of debate programs.

However, an Argument is a casual discussion between two or more sides who disagree about an issue or a topic. They occur outside a formal setting and are unannounced and unprepared. It can happen anywhere. Like at school, parties, mall, etc. Arguments are not structured, unlike debate. It is an aggressive form of discussion where none of the parties will be ready to listen to what the opponent is saying. It misses elements like active listening, respectfulness, timings, etc. Most aggressive arguments end up in violence if it goes to the extreme. 

Debate skills are essential for success in school, college, and career. They help you understand different points of view and learn how to express yourself effectively.  Students learn how to listen carefully, ask questions, express their ideas, and defend their position. It is also essential to know what is allowed and not while talking. Speech and debate training programs for kids can help you learn all that.

Arguments are not always bad. It depends on how you use it. If you argue with someone wrong or ignorant, then arguing will probably make things worse. But if you are right and want to convince others, then arguing may be helpful.

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