Public speaking is no more career-oriented activity. We all do it at some time without formally realizing it. It could be a family function, our school debate programs, and so on. No matter how many successful public speeches you may have delivered, the next one will bring some nervousness. You have done 30, and your 31st will still be experiencing that initial fear that you may have felt at the beginning of your first speech. The effect time may have decreased but. It is okay to feel nervous, which means you want to do better each time.

Here are some strict don’ts which we would like to highlight.

Preparation and practice are keys. Why do we all remember TED talks? It is because of the way they present. Speech and debate classes from Cogito Debate can help you deliver speeches successfully.

  • Do not just Read: While presenting a topic, it is basically about the information we want to pass on to the crowd. That being the aim, we often fill our slides with the required information. And we start reading instead of presenting! Well, that is not a presentation.
  • Flow of speech : The flow of speech is the most critical aspect of a Public Speech. You should know what you are Presenting the time you have. If you have given your 100 percent to the practice, it is more unlikely that you may face a problem with the flow. The flow represents your confidence in what you are saying.
  • Talk too Fast : Public speaking is about engaging the people. If all participants are active refers You are doing a good job. We tend to speak fast without realizing its impact on the participants. We do it mostly when we are not confident about what we are saying, and we do not want anyone to pay attention to what we are saying. 
  • Talk too slow: As a presenter of a public speech programmer, you are an energy carrier. Your participants are reflectors of you. Talking too slow may give unnecessary space for unwanted activities. They may get bored, lose interest, and so on. As a Presenter, you would not want that in your speech.
  • The Fillers: We all are unique, and so are our talking styles. If you are serious about taking public speaking into your career profile, you should start adopting the Style at all approach of communication. We all use fillers when we are short of words to express what we want to convey. However, it is not advisable to fill your public speaking session with too many fillers that people remember your fillers more than your speech!

When somebody listens to You, they are paying attention and are spending their most precious time with you. Hence always try to do your best. A speech and debate training program for kids from Cogito Debate can help you establish a platform that is required to paramount.

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