Kids aspire to learn new things every day. They should be provided with all opportunities and platforms to explore and learn. Cogito Debate is a WASC accredited Speech and Debate School in Irvine, California. Over the years, we have been teaching elementary, middle, and high school students the best communication skill through various courses. Our courses are curated as per their age to make them best suited. 

We have experienced, passionate and skilled coaches who will enhance communication skills through unique ways of teaching. Communication is a skill that is different from subjects. Subjects are topics that are taught. Whereas the communication skills can only be further polished and corrected. Each of us communicates differently. The way we communicate, the tone, the Style and the pitch is influenced by various factors. That includes but is not limited to the family background, people we live with, schools we attend, shows we watch, etc.

In our Speech and Debate on high school students’ unique learning methodology, we facilitate kids to speak, help build Confidence, carry out corrections when needed, help them understand the importance of accepting feedback, etc. Parents are ready to witness the progressive trend in the way they speak and overall academic performance.

Our public speaking classes will help students explore and understand critical thinking and speak in an organized manner. A speech and debate training program for kids allows them to self-learn defending skills. It helps kids understand the importance of research skills and acquire knowledge. Knowledge is key. Taking up debate classes has various benefits. Some of them include Confidence, Effective speaking skills, being competent, and Effective research skills.

We use varied topics in our speech and debate classes. Effective debating skills help them speak something significant, sensible, and appropriate. Our project STEAM refers to Spontaneous Augmentation, which helps them learn the art of speaking in an organized and express their perspective on a topic.

Call us today to know about our various courses and get enrolled. Our details are as below:

Cogito Debate

16808 Armstrong Ave Unit 100

Irvine, CA 92606

(949) 681-6008


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