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We believe student participation in speech and debate tournaments provides a pathway to connect to a unique learning community that can result in lifelong relationships.

Tournaments Winter 2019 - Spring 2020

December 7th - La Reina Invitational

Congratulations to Fatima Hamida & Kayla Nguyen on taking first in high school novice parliamentary debate at the La Reina Invitational last weekend! Kayla also received a 3rd Place speaker award. This was the first overnight tournament of the 2019-2020 season, and what a great way to start! We are so proud of our Cogito students.

December 14th - OCDL Holiday Tournament

OCDL Holiday Tournament back in December when our rookie team, Jackie & Aryav, received distinguished debater awards! Aryav also received a distinguished speaker award. We are so proud of our debaters & are looking forward to the spring 2020 tournament season!

February 1st - OCDL MS Winter Classic

Cogito Debaters started off 2020 with a bang by taking 4 awards at OCDL Winter Classic Tournament at Buena Park High School. Team ACS (Kyle, Ishaan & Seleen) received Distinguished Debate Awards & Halle received a Distinguished Speaker award! So proud of our 2020 team!

February 15th/16th – Cal Lutheran Invitational

Cogito Debate Team returned to Cal Lutheran and returned WINNING MORE TROPHIES than last year! 1ST Place High School Parliamentary Debate Team Fatima Hamida and Kylie Alexander, Top Speaker Fiona Sun

Skills Builder Workshop

Cogito Skills Builder Workshops are short form classes designed to expose students to special subjects in speech and debate. Classes are created to enhance students’ ability to communicate with an audience through their speaking skills.

Skills Builder - Advocacy & Social Issues Workshop (Ages 14-17)

Whether we realize it or not, social issues affect the immediate world around us. The purpose of this workshop is for students to become aware of these social issues that affect their community and learn about the importance of advocacy. For their main project, students will choose a local nonprofit that represents a cause that the students feel passionate about and create an advertising campaign for them. Students will roleplay as a member of the nonprofit of their choosing and will develop various advertising materials for their campaign.

Skills Builder - Fibs and Falsehoods: Fallacies Workshop (Ages 11-14)

Fallacies, what are they? How are they used? Why do they matter? This class teaches students to identify flaws in logic so that they are more aware when they come in contact with them. In this class, students will develop critical thinking skills when evaluating advertisements, commercials and other types of media. This class includes learning about some of the common fallacies, analyzing media to learn how to find fallacies, and working as a group to create a media campaign based on fallacies.

Skills Builder - Spontaneous Argumentation

Spontaneous Argumentation (SpAr) is considered to be both a speech and debate event. In SpAr debate evidence is not required, as topics require only common sense, and critical thinking, however, some in-class activities and or homework may request students to gather evidence and create broad outlines on what is considered credible evidence. Active listening, persuasiveness and delivery skills will be discussed as additional important components of SpAr debate.



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