Covid, Corona being the most widely used term in recent years, its impact on the world is equally huge. Nobody had thought something like this would happen and become a common concern worldwide. With this, everything has come to a halt. Educational and coaching institutions, Commercial and Retail businesses, offices, almost everything was closed to mitigate the risk of spread.

Thanks to the Digital world as it helped us sail through hardship. The concept of online was there earlier too. But now, no one can imagine what we would do without Online help. Online debate classes from Cogito debate is an evolution for speech and debate for middle school students. We have helped students avail themselves of the consistency of learning what they love. Our online debate classes assist freshers with the concept and skills to excel in parliamentary debate. Consistency is key. The break is good. But how long is the question here? The too-long break could cause you to forget the fundamentals. 

Why is it Important for you to enrol yourself in online debate classes?

We hope you have realized the importance of public speaking and debating skills. With so much going on around us, it is essential to look for ways and keep going. speech and debate highschool students are one such option that is safe and convenient in the present situation. We have one session per week for 2 hours via the Zoom platform. The debate course is for 12 weeks. The primary objective of initiating online classes is to help our students utilize the best skills when they can. Safety and social distancing are the critical aspects of the present world condition. 

The curriculum includes everything and is even more innovative than our usual courses. It is advantageous to students in several ways. Some of them are 

  • Overcome stage fear
  • Build confidence
  • The best platform to showcase your debating skills
  • The score for correction and convenient practice 
  • An easy and reliable approach 
  • Friendly learning atmosphere etc.

We have tie-ups with public as well private schools. Our classes are project-based. We have a specific curriculum separately based on students’ age group, elementary, middle, and high schools. Speech and debate classes from Cogito Debate have a WASC accredited certificate from Irvine, California. We help our students to become independent thinkers by involving them in various debate activities. We are a platform for students to come forward build confidence and critical thinking. 

We have 24/7 Chat support to assist you with your queries at all times. Register and start today!

Cogito Debate

San Diego

(949) 681-6008


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