We all want the best of everything, especially when it comes to our kids. Be it be the things we buy, their education, etc. Parents are mindful of the learning course, the institute, the coach, the reputation, etc. Enroll your kids at cogito debate learning programs and leave the rest to us. 

There is competition everywhere. It is, in fact, difficult to choose among the various players who offer the same kind of services. Cogito Debate is a WASC-accredited Speech and Debate School in Irvine, California. WASC accredited means we at cogito debate has an appropriate purpose, are trustworthy, and our educational programs are beneficial for students learning. 

Our teaching differs, as we refrain from concentrating on the syllabus or grade. Through speech and debate classes, Our core focus lies on enhancing our Participant’s ability to learn, explore, and express themselves in a way that would not only help them academically but in overall aspects. We design and develop a research-based, unified curriculum that helps build critical thinking ability. Besides, the curriculum primarily focuses on improving communication skills. Our course aligns with the California Common Core Standards for Reading Information Text, Writing, Speaking/Listening, and Language.

We understand the fact that it is not what we impart but how. Keeping this in mind, we have instructors who have competitive speech and debate experience from various streams. We also ensure to schedule professional training to upkeep the skills and knowledge of trainers. 

Speech and debate for middle school students comprise various skills other than just speaking. Team building, work ethics, accepting feedback, Defeat mechanism, respecting differences of opinion, etc. Tournament opportunities are like feathers on our cap. We offer numerous opportunities for students to understand the essence of competition and stand out in them. 

Don’t wait to avail yourself benefits of a Speech and debate training program for kids. Enroll today. Our details as below :


Cogito Debate
16808 Armstrong Ave Unit 100
Irvine, CA 92606

(949) 681-6008