Public speaking is a form of art that is evolving continuously. It helps educate, inspire and express your feelings as well as be persuasive. But, still, there are a lot of people who fear speaking in public. The best way to overcome the fear of the stage is to join online speech and debate classes. Let us look at some of the reasons why people feel anxious when they speak in public are:

Center Of Attention

If you are a public speaker, you automatically become the center of attention. This makes many people self-conscious as they keep thinking about what the audience is thinking about them. To overcome this fear, you need to think about the speech as a conversation between two individuals rather than in front of an unknown audience. 


This is also connected to being self-conscious, but some people grow even more terrified and show their uneasiness on the outside. Others may advise, “Just be confident.” Most people, though, find it difficult. The audience will most likely notice and remember any signs of anxiousness that you present. You can place the spotlight on the audience members rather than yourself. Consider the effect you will have on them.

Past Failures

Failings in the past can have a great psychological impact on anyone. Public speaking speech and debate for middle school students is a learned behavior, and if you have failed in it before, you can feel that you may fail in it again. Fear of failure can cause you to not communicate effectively. Instead of thinking about past failures, a positive reaffirmation can have a positive impact on you. Changing your mindset goes a long way in gaining success. 

Lack Of Skills

As we mentioned before, public speaking is a learned skill. You may not have learned the required skills, thus your anxiety is warranted. But it can be fixed easily. You can join the speech and debate classes for high school and middle school students at Cogito Debate. We will teach you great communication skills and all the techniques required to be a good public speaker. Our experienced teachers will help take you from being an amateur to becoming an expert.

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