Public Speaking is a communication activity of addressing a gathering over a topic. When addressing a crowd, you mostly have 100 % attention on you.  And that can cause a lot of stress and nervousness. Public Speaking is not as easy as it sounds. Talking and Giving a speech are two different things. Speaking represents a formal approach wherein talking is informal and unannounced. While in public speech, we don’t talk but speak. Everybody can talk but what makes you stand out is your speaking style. At Cogito Debate, we have extensive speech and debate classes that cover all the essential aspects of communication skills that help an individual to become a successful public speaker. 

Here are some tips to become a good public speaker.  

  • Appearance: Always remember that You need to dress appropriately for your public speaking.  Generally formal wear with the proper color combination. Your appearance should be pleasing, not distracting. The speaker should be well-groomed. 
  • Body Language: Body language is a way of expressing what you want to say. Your Posture, Gestures, Eye contact, and facial expressions are some of the nonverbal actions that have a great impact on listeners. Cogito debate has online debate classes to cater to the situation of current times. And these online classes are the best platform for you to explore some of the key concepts of public speaking.
  • Content preparation: Content is the critical element of a presentation. Hence collect enough facts and data about the topic you are speaking about, do research. Knowledge is what you speak. Preparation and practice are the keys. 
  • Responsive to the crowd and their energy: Public speakers should understand the interest and energy level of the people they are addressing. The speech can not go on and on. As it is mostly one-sided speech, people tend to get bored at ease. Speaker should get into an interactive mode between the session to make them more engaging. 

At Cogito debate, we help you uplift your communication skills and become what you want by mastering your communication skills. We have a skilled and professional team of coaches who will guide you in the best possible ways.

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