It’s the end of summer debate classes. It’s been a good summer with a good amount of students attending our virtual summer debate programs. Don’t worry, our summer debate classes will be back next year in person! Our students and parents have enjoyed this year’s program. They were able to learn even though it wasn’t as hands on compared to pre pandemic classes. In person classes will be back fall of this year! Our summer debate program consisted of 5 sessions that went from June 7th and will finish in August 13th.

Here’s what we’ve covered for summer:

  • Junior Speakers & Debaters: The Business of Theme Parks
  • Public Speaking Novice
  • Public Speaking Intermediate
  • Lincoln Douglas Introductory Boot Camp
  • Fibs & Falsehoods: Fallacies Workshop
  • Advocacy & Social Issues Workshop
  • Negotiation & Peacemaking Workshop
  • Junior Speakers & Debaters: Political Campaigns
  • Parliamentary Debate Novice
  • Middle School Bridge Bootcamp
  • Junior Speakers & Debaters: The Vision of Video Games
  • Public Speaking Novice
  • Middle School Debate Boot Camp
  • High School Debate Boot Camp
  • High School Bridge Bootcamp
  • Junior Speakers & Debaters: Global Citizenship
  • Public Speaking Novice
  • Parliamentary Debate Novice

Fall 2021 speech & debate classes

Fall is around the corner! Our Fall classes are scheduled and is now open for enrollment. Please visit the Fall Classes page and contact us for any questions that you may have.

We include elementary, middle school and high school students. Our Cogito Debate Fall Semester runs August 30th-December 18th. 

Our classes include:

  • Introduction Junior Speakers & Debaters (3rd-5th Grade)
  • Intermediate Junior Speakers & Debaters (4th-6th Grade)
  • Introduction to Public Speaking (Middle-High School)
  • Intermediate Public Speaking (Middle-High School)
  • Introduction to Parliamentary Debate (Middle-High School)

We also have online available

  • ONLINE ONLY Intermediate Parliamentary Debate (Middle-High School)
  • ONLINE ONLY Introduction to Lincoln Douglas Debate  (Middle-High School)

We are available through email, phone call, SMS and Social media. You can contact us directly through our contact form as well.

(949) 681-6008

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