Young adults are pressured to participate in a number of activities to grow and stay competitive in today’s fast-changing world. To that effect, communication is the key that can give them the most confidence. Speech and debate classes help them stand out and articulate their views confidently and persuasively. It helps them to think independently, use their brain cells to organize their thought process, bring ideas to life and do their own research.  

In speech and debate, students learn skills like public speaking, cross-examination, and basic research in order to construct sets of arguments and defend their position. 

Confidence to speak in front of an audience – Stage fright is real and many people have it. Children that take on public speaking, debate classes have an added advantage. They feel at ease speaking in front of any crowd or platform. It is useful further when they grow up and go in the world – from interviews to presentations to discussions in office and in college seminars.

Improve communication skills – When you are creating the script for your speech, you have to make a clear framework on the strategy and also the message that you want to communicate. Your script should persuade the audience to listen to your ideas. This whole process will improve your communication skills in the long run. In every aspect of life, you will need to communicate your ideas to people. Public speaking also helps you listen to opposing views in a calm manner. 

Build leadership skills – Communication is a major part of leadership. You can’t have others speak for you and communicate your ideas and messages. Expressing yourself fluently and in a powerful and persuasive manner can make people listen to your ideas and at times also change their opinions on topics. There are a lot of people that can communicate in a small group in this manner. If you can do it in an individual setting, you can also do it in public. You only need to hone your skills to do it. Leaders are required to have good public speaking skills.

Public speaking is not easy. You will most certainly be nervous the first few times. But, with some experience and after honing your skills a bit, you will be more confident and might have an enjoyable experience. With the ongoing pandemic, you have the choice to join speech and debate for middle school students from Cogito Debate.

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