What Are The Course Offerings From Introduction To The Public Speaking Course?

By Cogito

Jun 15, 2022 | Blog


Speaking is an art. All of us have a unique style of speaking. The end objective of communicating with people around us is to express our intentions and feeling in a way we want them to understand. 

At Cogito, we have an introduction course to public speaking for middle school students in the age group between 11- 14. The Course is customized according to the learner’s ability and curriculum requirements.  Speech and debate high school students aim to help our students to become independent thinkers, strong speakers, and confident leaders. Confidence comes when you know you are proficient in your Act. By continuous guidance, we help you become knowledgeable and confident. 

Introduction to the public speaking course has three categories of content. They are :

  • Limited preparation for speaking: Everybody can Speak. What differentiates between effective speaking is how impactful your Speech is. Speech and debate for middle school students help you prepare yourself to deliver intelligently in a limited time.
  • Oral interpretation: Effective communication is a combination of aspects that include but are not limited to body language, posture, tone modulation, pitch, etc. The course speech and debate training program for kids helps you demonstrate and evoke emotion through prose and poetry in an impactful way. 
  • Platform speaking: Speaking in public can be challenging. The art requires you to learn how to engage them during your speech delivery. We help you prepare speeches that inform, persuade, and entertain. 

Our coaches carry expertise and knowledge in what they do at cogito debate. It is essential to develop the interest to excel through commitment and dedication. We also help students inculcate the habit of conducting research and constantly practice to enhance the art of public speaking. 

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