Public speaking is hard, and according to many studies, it is one of the things that Americans are most frightened of. Most individuals hate public speaking, although it is now necessary for many professions. You need to make presentations in small groups or in front of large crowds at conferences. Public speaking has become an essential skill that most people require. If you find the task too hard, there are steps you can take to improve your skills by joining online speech and debate classes

Organize Your Speech

Most speakers pay attention to how they convey their views in their speech rather than focusing on what they are actually going to say. If what you say does not make any sense, the best presentation and diction will not help you. Focus on the topic and write the speech in a way in which the audience takes away at least one percent of what you say. That is more important than you expect them to remember the entire presentation.


Always remember that practicing before a presentation is the most important thing. You need to do this over again and again. You need to be able to build up a rhythm and never read your speech from a piece of paper. Having a few pointers on a slip is fine on a few occasions, but great public speakers don’t need those. You need to know the structure of the speech and how it will progress so that you fill in the details without actually memorizing anything.


Practice your presentation in front of your colleagues or friends. They can give you instant feedback and point out places where you stumbled and where they did not understand a particular part. This can help you improve the areas where you are lacking. They can also tell you whether the speech is particularly boring in parts and where they lost focus. This will help you tweak your speech before going out in front of the real audience. If you don’t have access to a small audience, record yourself on your phone and play it back. Listening to it yourself will give you some of the pointers.

If you need help with becoming a  confident public speaker, Cogito speech and debate training program for kids  can help you along this journey.

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