Practicing is crucial before giving a online debate classes so that you are completely prepared and do not make any mistakes. You must take notes and scribble down additional signals regarding the flow of speech. There are two methods for preparing for a speech: the appropriate method and the erroneous one. Follow some of these methods to have an error-free public speech.

Make it a point to practice loud

Saying the speech aloud is very important and it is completely different from when you say it out in your head. Your mouth and your mind need to work in sync after you have memorized the speech. This is only possible when you speak out loud. Focus on the clarity and don’t speak too softly. Speak exactly as you would during the actual speech. The more you practice this part, the easier it will become for you when you have to deliver the actual speech in front of an audience.

Forget about the mirror

Most people have a routine in which they stand in front of the mirror and begin speaking. They like acting as though their reflection is the audience. This is definitely the wrong way to go about it. The fundamental aim of giving a speech is to communicate our views clearly.

When we practice in front of the mirror, we lose sight of the goal. Instead, we focus on little details such as our hair and makeup, clothing, and general appearance. This is because we are unconsciously conditioned to evaluate our appearance when we are in front of a mirror. The real audience will have an entirely different vibe, and practicing in front of the mirror will just make you more nervous.

Prepare well

When you deliver a public speech, you expend a lot of energy. In addition to practicing your speech, ensure that you have a decent night’s sleep the day before the event. Also, eat healthily and if you need a caffeine boost, sip a small cup of coffee beforehand. Just be sure you don’t have too much of it.

Public speaking is not easy. You will most certainly be nervous the first few times. But with some experience, and after honing your skills a bit, you will be more confident and might have an enjoyable experience. You can also sign up for online speech and debate classes to gain more confidence.

Cogito Speech conducts debate and speech training classes for kids, middle school, and high school, students.

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