Public speaking is an activity, an assignment that comes your way at some point in your life. Either at your school, work, family occasion and so on. Public speaking is not something that everybody enjoys. Some look for a chance to grab an opportunity, and some run away from it. 


Public speaking skill is not only for those who wish to choose training, politician, or professional public speakers. Public speaking is not a course but is a polished communication skill that will help you almost everywhere, both academically and generally. This article is for somebody who wants to explore the challenges of presenting a public speech.

Here are some of the challenges that can stop you from being good at public speaking.

  • Overconfidence: Confidence is the key. But that should be in the right proportion. Both Overconfidence and low confidence can disengage the crowd. Enrolling yourself in speech and debate for middle school students will help you evaluate the essential requirements of a successful public speech.
  • Lack of preparation: Public speaking requires preparation and practice, especially if you are a beginner. Content is a critical element of a public speech. Lack of preparation reflects on your body language and can affect your presentation skills. When presenting a speech in public, you are the center of attention. Your body language does play a vital role. 
  • Lack of research: How long can one engage the crowd without getting into the main point? Even if one is smart enough to engage through elaborated introduction and Ice breakers, end of it, he has to come to the topic that the speech program is set for. Knowledge is what we speak. Research, gather data and facts. Try to share something new in every speech that helps create excitement among the crowd.
  • Stress: Stress is the main culprit. It is essential to be relaxed to convert the flow of thoughts and into speech.
  • Lack of control: A successful speech program requires uninterrupted attention from the crowd. It is not easy to seek attention. Hence our speech should be so effective and engaging in a manner, that the participants should by themselves feel that interest to pay attention than that it is requested.

Do you like to enhance your public speaking skills but are require assistance to the way forward? We at Cogito Debate offer a range of speech and debate training programs for kids that will help you enhance your overall communication skills and groom yourself to become a successful public speaker.

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