The use of pause and silence is very effective in creating an interest in what you are talking about. It can be very effective when you want to emphasize a particular point in your presentation. Small pauses can give the audience some time to fully understand the points. Without the use of pauses, your speech might feel really long and boring. Below are a few ways in which the pause will help your speech.

Split Up The Main Points

You may not be able to hold the attention of your audience if your presentation is not interesting. They may soon become bored or drift away. In a speech, an accentuated pause is required, such as between the introduction and the body or between the body and the conclusion. These pauses will keep the listeners interested and indicate that fresh information is to be presented. It acclimates the viewer to what is going to come next.

Let Points Linger

Speaking in front of people can be a challenge. Your nervousness and anxiety can lead to the release of adrenaline, which in turn makes you speak a lot faster. You may go through the entire speech quickly without making sure that the audience has understood or grasped the topic. What you need is to calm down and concentrate on making sure you aren’t speaking too quickly, adding pauses to compose yourself and slow down the speech.

Pauses To Create Separations

The use of pauses can create a natural separation or transition towards the important points. You know what the main points and the supporting ones are, but the audience does not. Using pauses in your speech can help with the flow and help the audience understand them. You can use pauses to link some points to others and also help listeners understand what was said.  

Keep The Audience Engaged

The pause is extremely important if you want the audience to retain the information that you have provided. Pausing helps people retain the information in their memory. It keeps your audience engaged and all well informed whilst keeping the speech more fun and interesting.

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