How do you know you are good at public speaking?

By Cogito

Nov 29, 2021 | Blog


Speaking is an art. And it is acquired over a lot of practice and persistence. May it be in your school, home, debate competition, etc. Indeed, it is not what we say but how we say it. And we at cogito debate can help you master the “How” aspect with the help of various speech and debate training programs for kids. Communication is key. It is an essential skill that goes into our everyday conversations. And this skill is not something that is acquired overnight. It requires a lot of mock practice, Stage practice, relevant courses, Expert advice, etc.  

Here are three things that will you help you know if you are good at public speaking :

  • People pay attention to you: Attention is the outcome, in fact, the results of how you can engage the crowd of people you are referring to. No matter how interesting the content is, how well your preparations are, how cozy the stage is, or how well designed the program is. It is in the hands of a speaker and his capability in engaging the crowd with the tone, choice of words, the flow of language, etc. 
  • You are enjoying what you are doing: It is important to enjoy what you do. And that purely reflects on the task you perform. It reflects on your body language, choice of words, tone, confidence, and the knowledge you are trying to pass through your speech.
  • Stress-free prep time: Stress is another common human behaviour element that impacts almost anything and everything if not handled well.  No matter how much effort, energy has gone into the preparation. Stress can wipe away all your efforts, confidence, and content material.

We at Cogito Debate, a speech and debate school in Irvine offers a wide range of courses that are customized to benefit kids of all ages right from elementary, middle, and high students.  Our experts are well-trained, certified and professionals who can help students upscale their communication skills with the help of speech and debate.

With the unprecedented pandemic happening worldwide, the majority of activities have been carried through digital media, i.e. online. You can use our Online Debate Classes as a platform to scale up your speaking skills without having to worry about stage fear and so on. 

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