While giving a speech, a number of people make notes to help them remember the points. But, reliance on notes affects how the presentation or speech is presented. The authenticity of the speech is affected, as you start reading your notes instead of speaking to your audience. The engagement factor is lost as your attention is diverted to the notecards rather than the audience. The audience can feel that the speaker does not know their subject if one refers to notes. This can affect the connection that the speaker has with the audience. 

It is true that notecards are very helpful in keeping you on track. The points will allow you to keep the flow. The main reason the notes are used is to give you the confidence you need rather than making it the main focus of the presentation. Notes should not come in the way of you delivering your speech. Here are a few ways that notes can be used effectively.

  • Just memorizing the speech ruins the entire delivery of the speech. If you write the points in your own words, it will help you speak better and more effectively. It will help you remember the anecdotes and pointers in an easier manner and make the speech more memorable for the audience.

  • Make a note of your complete speech when you first start practicing. After that, read it aloud to yourself to determine if it sounds natural and if you have enough time to complete it. Make an outline and scribble down your main ideas once you’re comfortable with them. The outline brief will assist you in staying on track and remembering essential elements that you would otherwise forget.

  • If the speech or presentation is via video conferencing or on television, make sure to keep the notes right next to the camera so that your eyes don’t wander away. The use of the large font on the outlines with enough white space around them can help you see it clearly.

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