Face-to-face meetings and presentations are preferred by the majority of people. But due to the pandemic, the majority of meetings and presentations are now conducted virtually. Businesses have staff that works from home and connect via Skype, Meet, or Zoom. 

It has been a little unsettling and odd to many. When regular meetings and presenting methods aren’t possible, you’ll need to become quite familiar with virtual applications. A few online debate classes pointers can assist you in giving a good presentation, virtually.

  • Change the content that you are presenting to fit the virtual space. Delivering the information the same way you would in front of an audience is not ideal for the virtual space. Engaging people over a Skype or Zoom call is a completely different challenge. Tools such as polls, chats, and breakout rooms can be used for this.
  • Keep your eyes on the camera at all times. People have a hard time concentrating on the camera. You cannot make eye contact with people; neither will you get any feedback. You also cannot make out if the audience is paying attention. Therefore, all you need to do is, face the camera, so that participants can see you are staring directly at them. Another useful technique is to place a person’s image just above the camera. This is a common technique employed by voice actors to give the impression that they are having a conversation.
  • Keep the background clear and tidy. Before you start the virtual meeting check what comes in the camera frame. The participants of the meeting will get a good impression of you if your video is professional.
  • When you use virtual meetings, there are some things that can go wrong. Internet connections can slow down or you might have a problem with the app. You can take a pause and make sure you fix the issues calmly and let your participants know of the same. If you are calm and composed, your audience will mirror this body language too.
  • Always dress up the same way you would if you were having the meeting in person. The only thing you will need to consider is that you need to choose solid colors when you choose your shirt. Prints and stripes can distract the audience. It can also cause a few disturbances with the camera.

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