Debate activities are a different form of communication activity that assists in developing strong command over language, Improving critical and individual thinking. It is a valuable activity. Besides, academically, it also helps in other general dealings of life. A good debater needs to have good research skills, reasoning skills, presentation skills, etc. Communication is the key. It is not about what you say, It is about how you convey it. Debating is very challenging, especially in competitive platforms. 

Debating helps you put forth your thoughts and helps you anticipate other participants’ responses to them. Debating is just no arguing. It is about putting forward logical facts about a concept or topic and equally being ready to listen to what your opposite person has to present. Keeping in mind all the benefits one can avail of, the majority of schools encourage students to take up speech and debate classes to help them master their communication skills.

Here are some of the benefits of participating in debate activities:

  • Enhance your presentation skills: Debate requires you to present the facts powerfully. Debating creates a competitive environment. Even though it is officially announced or not. It will push your limits to do your best at presenting your content.
  • Improves critical thinking: Generally, when we speak, we don’t think much about what we are saying as it is just casual talk. But while in debate, it becomes essential to think critically before speaking. As the opposite person and the other participants are paying close attention to what you are saying, We ensure the fact to be appropriate and relevant. You will also learn to look for evidence to conclude a saying. 
  • Helps control temperament: Constant participation in debating assists in controlling yourself when somebody disagrees with you. It enhances your patience skill, to wait for your turn to prove the point. It is not easy as it sounds. It takes years of life to reach the phase to stay quiet even when you know the person is wrong and you have evidential facts to prove that.
  • Team management: when you participate in a team debate competition, it helps you understand team dynamics. Your team members may have a different opinion about a topic. It further helps the team put in overall efficient efforts. 

Sounds interesting, but wondering how you can avail of these benefits? Here is an opportunity from Cogito Debate, a WASC accredited Speech and Debate School in Irvine, California. That is into providing tailored and best speech and debate middle school students to Elementary, Middle, and High school students. Should you require more information, here are our contact details: 

(949) 681-6008

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