Delivery Skills classes are short term, 6 Weeks, and are designed to introduce students to verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Students will learn about these delivery skills and have the opportunity to practice them in class and at home. Delivery Skills course utilizes:

  • Oral Interpretation, in which students are given pieces of prose, poetry, and/or drama to use in implementing these delivery skills. By using works created by someone else, students are better able to focus on specific skills.
  • Impromptu Speech, students will use this type of speech to learn how to organize a speech that supports being able to quickly use this format to prepare for a speech in a short period of time.
  • Students practice Verbal Skills: Intonation, Inflection, Pacing, Volume, Projection, and Non-Verbal Skills: Facial Expressions, Hand Gestures, Transition Walks, Posture.

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