Using numbers or statistics in a speech gives the message that you are conveying a persuasive element. The data that you provide makes the message quantifiable. The numbers can be used as a part of your argument or used to help support it. The most important thing in your speech is to make sure that the audience understands them. So how do you choose what numerical data you should use, or how do you make sure that the data has an impact?

How Do I Use Useful Numerical Data In A Speech?

The process of gathering the correct numerical data for your speech is very time-consuming. There can also be times that a member of the audience may question you on said data. You need to be ready to answer any question that they may have.  

  • Numbers add a sense of reality to your presentation.  It will help people relate to the topic.
  • Numbers increase the credibility of the speech, as the audience has an impression that the speaker has done research on the topic. 
  • Numbers stay in the mind for a longer time and using them will make your speech more memorable.

How Do I Know Which Numerical Data To Use?

Once you have decided to use numbers in your speech, finding the relevant data to use in the presentation can be a challenge. Just giving out large amounts of data can bore the audience and your online debate classes speech can get lost in numbers. A few things to look for when you choose numbers to use are:

  • Weave a story around the numbers. Make your speech interesting so that the audience remembers it even after they leave the hall.
  • Find relevant data related to the demographic of your audience. 
  • The numbers you use must have relevance to the overall message that you want to convey in your speech. 
  • If irrelevant numbers are used, the audience may just remember the numbers and nothing related to your overall message.

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