6 Essential Tips To Help You Speak With Confidence!

By Cogito

Apr 20, 2022 | Blog


Speaking is an art. The better you are at it, the better will be your prospects academically and professionally. Effective Speaking can help you achieve various milestones successfully. People pay attention only when your communication is effective enough to grab their attention. And that is indeed a challenge.

Here are some essentials :

  • Preparedness: Ahead of your speech session, prepare yourself with enough facts and information. Try to collect more than just Superficial facts. People pay attention when they find interest in what you are speaking. The environment thereby turns in your favor boosting your confidence. Speech and debate classes focus on these aspects. Our research-based activities and assignments help you enhance your knowledge.
  • Practice: Practice is essential. Practice as if you are giving a speech in real-time. Set a timer, record your presentation, and visualize it ahead of the session. A speech and debate training program for kids provides the platform to practice in real-time.
  • Posture: Stand tall, shoulders back, head held high and forward. Pay attention to your posture. Your posture should indicate your presence, focus, and your worth of respect. Speech and debate for middle school students from Cogito Debate help you polish the skills required to make a positive impact.
  • Accept feedback: Consider feedback as your compliments. Learn to accept it positive manner. Seeking, Understanding and adaption is the successful strategy for an effective feedback Mechanism.
  • Be your competitor: Do it better every time. Nobody starts perfectly. Hence consider yourself as your competitor and do better every time. Note down your strengths and misses. Try to strengthen your strength and improvise on the misses.
  • Avoid fillers: It is natural that when we are out of words, we try to fill them with fillers like umm, hmm, etc. Focus on your preparation and while doing so, count down how many fillers you used. Try to minimize it gradually. Keep it a target.

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