Cogito Debate

SPRING 2022 Class Descriptions

Offering both Online or In Person Spring Classes!

In Person Address: 16808 Armstrong Avenue Irvine, CA 92606

Classes run from January 10th through June 3rd

Spring Break (No Classes) April 4-April 8

Classes meet once a week for 20 weeks for 1.5-2 hours

Excludes Spring Break Week

Tuition Rates for Spring 2022

  • 3rd-5th Grade: 1.5 Hour Class $1,000
  • Middle School/High School: 2 Hour Class $1,350
  • Lincoln Douglas Debate Club*: $1,550
  • Middle School and High School Parli Debate Clubs*: $1,950
speech and debate training program for kids

*All Cogito Debate Clubs require a prerequisite and must be interviewed beforejoining. Prerequisite: Intro/Intermediate courses + Summer Bootcamp. DebateClub tuition rates include tournament entry fees and additional tournament

Junior Speakers & Debaters (3rd-5th Grade)

The focus of the course is engaging students with speech and debate foundations through using material that is directly relevant to the students. Students learn the basics of public speaking and debate. The skills include delivery skills, speech structures, audience adaptation, research and argumentation. Throughout this course, students regularly give a wide variety of speeches, presentations and Spontaneous Argumentation debates.

Introduction to Public Speaking (Middle School/High School)

Students will learn to research, and analyze a variety of topics. Their reactions to the topics will take the form of informative and persuasive speeches. Coach feedback and peer assessment are used on a regular basis to identify existing strengths and provide insight and suggestions into areas of improvement to ensure students are developing
good speaking habits.

Intermediate Public Speaking (Middle School/High School)

This class builds on learned delivery skills and focuses on Platform speaking which includes informative speaking, persuasive speaking and Speech to Entertain (STE). This class is especially effective in helping students prepare for research presentations.

Introduction to Parliamentary Debate (Middle School/High School)

Introduction to Parliamentary Debate is intended for students that are new to debate. It is based on the principles of Parliamentary Debate, in which argumentation skills are applied to a wide variety of topics. Parliamentary Debate is considered an impromptu speaking exercise. Students learn to be prepared to present arguments that either propose the resolution or oppose the resolution, depending on which side of the debate they are assigned.

Intermediate Parliamentary Debate (Middle School/High School)

In Intermediate Parliamentary Debate, students have the opportunity to explore intermediate level topic. This class builds on the foundation of skills of Parliamentary Debate and integrates the following skills: Framing the debate, Advance refutation, Evidence analysis and Expansion of argumentation. This course is a direct continuation of the Introductory course and further prepares students to join the Debate Club. Tournament opportunities spread throughout the semester once students are prepared.

Introduction to Lincoln Douglas Debate (Middle School/High School)

In Lincoln-Douglas debate, students will be given a solid grounding in the practice of research and argumentation. In this form of debate, students will focus on one on one debate involving a range of topics, from sociopolitical to philosophical issues. Students will learn the structure and theory behind Lincoln-Douglas Debate, and will ultimately learn how to effectively construct and deploy strategic arguments within this debate setting. Tournament opportunities spread throughout the semester once students are prepared.

Intermediate Lincoln Douglas Debate (Middle School/High School)

In Intermediate Lincoln Douglas Debate, students will continue to develop and perfect their practice of research and argumentation at the intermediate level. This course is a direct prerequisite for joining the Lincoln Douglas Debate Club. Students will effectively
understand how to research sociopolitical to philosophical topics through cutting cards. Tournament opportunities spread throughout the semester once students are prepared.

speech and debate training program for kids