Learn the Art of Public Speaking

Cogito Speech and Debate classes introduce students to the art of effective communication. In our technological society, the discipline of speech and debate allows students to stand out among their peers by building mental habits of critical thinking and observation, as well as the communication skills to share those observations competently. At Cogito, by combining research-based educational methods with current events, students dive beneath the surface of speech and debate to explore the deeper foundations of communication and community.

Classes are designed to introduce students to critical thinking and formats for communicating those thoughts in an organized manner. Students become confident speakers who learn to use effective delivery skills.

Critical Thinking

Learn the art of communicating.

Improve Confidence

Be prepared for any topic.

Why Cogito Debate?


We have developed a research-based curriculum for critical thinking and communication that aligns with California Common Core Standards.

Coaching Staff

Our instructors have competitive speech and debate experience and receive ongoing professional development to ensure that student learning outcomes are achieved.


We offer more tournament opportunities than any other program! We believe these experiences help students learn the value of healthy competition.

"My son Samuel has been a Cogito Debate student for over two years. The classes truly helped him in a number of areas. His overall communication skills -- both speaking and writing — have improved; he has shown more confidence in his public speaking; and he's now considered a leader among his peers. In addition,other parents have commented that he has matured. Overall, attending Cogito Debate has been a great experience for Samuel!"

Arthur W. (Irvine, CA)

The Cogito Promise


Improve Students Communication Skills


Enable Students to Confidently Express Themselves.


Prepare Students for Personal and Educational Success .

Join Cogito Public Speaking Courses

At Cogito Debate we believe that by practicing the skills of speech and Debate students become more proficient which leads to self-confidence.