**Prerequisite Required

In Parliamentary Debate Level 2, students have the opportunity to explore intermediate level topics in Parliamentary Debate.  Parliamentary Debate Level 2 builds on the foundation of skills from Parliamentary Debate Level 1, and integrates the following skills:

  • Framing the debate
  • Advanced refutation
  • Evidence analysis
  • Expansion of argumentation

Each Debate Level 2 class focuses on the collaborative nature of Parliamentary Debate and integrates debate strategies into a team environment.

Cogito Debate 2 classes are focused heavily on tournament preparation and attending tournaments hosted by the Orange County Debate League.  Current Event topics are based primarily on the debate topics chosen for tournaments.

Cogito Debate 2 students will compete in the Intramural Cogito Debate Tournament during the course session and have the opportunity to participate in other tournaments.

**Parliamentary Debate Level 2 requires successful completion of Cogito Parliamentary Debate 1.  In the event that a new student has taken debate classes through another location, incoming students are invited to be screened by a qualified coach, in which successful screening will be considered in lieu of the prerequisite Cogito class.